This old painted plywood floor was transformed to look like real marble. Suzanne painted fifty original works of art in the form of  
    two foot squares and twenty of two inch squares hand painted on the original plywood.  Note that the dividing lines between the squares
    are hand drawn in.
BEFORE - old plywood floor.
After two base coats and more sanding.  
After sanding.
Each small and large square was individually taped off and  painted.

    Other marble samples
    The image on the right is the same faux marble piece as on the left but enlarged and rotated for you to see the hidden figures:

    Other faux finishes (click on images to enlarge):                                    
Suzanne relaxing after finishing the floor.
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This bread box was solid green before it got this faux wood finish (click on images to enlarge)::
Suzanne B. Stryker